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Welcome to our next Newsletter: There are some exciting news!

Finally you can also read this newsletter on our website! We will still send it out the usual way because writing it like this is the easiest and you can just read it when you get it wherever you are - additionally it will be published on our website. But the pictures are published only there! So we don't have to sort out as many pictures as the other way 'round ;-)


Job David

Since almost 11 years, David works at the company Loosli here in Wyssachen. Lately it somehow seemed, the time might come, where a change might be possible: Not because he would not like to work there anymore, but simply a change!

End of October a friend of David was excited about the working environment at the Salvation Army and something kicked in in Davids mind, so he sent an email to the IT-leader without any specific idea nor a job published. After a lunch together and a meeting at the potential new work place it came out, that this was kind of "preaching to the converted": Since some time it was planned to introduce an additional job and it just waited for someone and take it - a fit: So it suddenly went much faster than planned!

For David then the decision was quite difficult: Loosli is a good employer, the job is interesting and the distance for going to work is EXTREMELY attractive: one quarter hour by foot! On the other hand is the fact, that the Salvation Army offers a new challenge, again a larger environment - with a bigger team - ans therefore David is not responsible on his own in his work area! He hopes some release regarding responsibility: Often on his own responsible in challenges where it is about whether the other employees can work at all the other morning or not (often at night between 11pm and 3am): it was tiring with the time! Additionally he could concentrate to a specific area of the work - just infrastructure, no end-user support anymore - and then the Salvation Army is more international than the company Loosli. Finally the social aspect is even more in the focus than it is at the current place of work.

Finally after some back and forth David decided to take the chance and try it with the Salvation Army! At the beginning of November 2019 David starts at the new place and islooking forward to it!


Health mother of David

There happened again some troubles: Fracture of the femoral neck with a following surgery and potential inner bleeding: His mother does not want to have any more surgeries (firstly didn't want to make the former surgery regarding the fracture anymore too) and so we let it go as it was. Obviously the bleeding stopped on its own and so his mother is back in the nursing home. But again these decisions: What makes sense from a medical point of view, what does his mother want, what not - with what consequences: Up to the thoughts, whether you see each other the last time. This is sometimes emotionally very wearing. Somebody you love, you want to keep very much - but for what price? And the hope in our Lord: Is it worth something or not? He is in charge of everything and don't we believe, that we will meet again in a better future - this is said so easily on a Sunday morning, but if it is about, loosling somebody, it is suddenly so much more of a question!

Currently it is going well, the situation is stable and visits every now and then are lovely.


Our kids

The time with our kids is very intense at the moment: How does that work with raising a child in a good way? What if kids lie and are mean to each other, exploit situations, and, and, and. This is not a complain - the opposite is the case: We have wunderfull kids with their own ideas, that assert oneself and know, what they want. Borders are here to be tested: Do they make sense? Do they hold or can they be stepped over? What happens then?

It is simply challenging for us parents and it shows: Having all the kids in a similar age is great - but also greatly challenging, because they are all at a similar point: And right now in an intense phase of testing boundaries.

That's it what we are up to right now: Sometimes desperate and helpless, often angry - but also again and again with a secret smile on our lips, because even we are not willing to tolerate a specific behavior, we salute them how they are able to make their way or some funny terms coming over their lips.

And if we visit them before we as parents go to bed at night and they are sleeping: Then they are the nicest kids in the world anyway :-)


On the road:



Nayara ready for school

Shopping with papa:



Music of the newsletter

Every now and then you stumble over some beautiful, interesting, exciting, funny, and whatever-else clips in the internet. In a loose series for the future, we'd like to add something to this newsletter: Not specifically something about us but even though it sais something about, what we are in right now - Enjoy our new rubric "music of the newsletter" :-)

Whoever knows him will probably agree, that it is worth watching and listening to him, if not you might get to know an amazing performer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SywaUbg5wU.


Now following some additional pictures


Love regards

All Widis: Ursula and David with Benaja Isaak, Nayara Joy and Matthja David