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Again a lot more time passed than planned - but here it is, the latest newsletter of the family Wiedemann! smile
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ADONIA-camp Ursula and Benaja

Ursula had the feeling, she could go and help cooking in an ADONIA-camp once. So everything was set up and the kids got organized - Benaja could be in the regular program - so everything was ready for this plan in the week July/August.

But in June there it became a bit challenging regarding this, as very few kids signed on for the camp: It was just about to be cancelled. That yould have been mean for two reasons: Firstly everything was organized and then for nothing? That's not nice! But double mean, because it is not so much Ursulas way, to approach something on her own and get herself on thin ice. Now where she did it, it should not happen???

Luckily everything went fine and the camp happened. Ursula experienced a great - but also challenging - week and even Benaja had a very good camp and is now successfully infected by the ADONIA-virus wink.



After the ADONIA camp we had visitors: First a friend from the US, who we know from Hong Kong, came to us. On her way from Stuttgart via Zurich to Barcelona she came for a stay over night to our home - we realized the difference of the "distance-feeling" between Swiss and Americans: Wyssachen is just beside Zurich laughing.

Right after that time a friend from Germany came who made her Descipleship Trainig School together with Ursula. She came with her two kids for a holiday of a number of days  to us and it was a very precious time!


Project summer 2020: Hong Kong & Manila

We have friends in Manila, who work there in a slum in order to live amongst the poor: They just share life and support them. Nayara and Matthja are in the same age as their two kids: They know each other and were always good friends.

Now we'd like to visit them and find out a bit, how it is to be there, what they do and give them our appreciation and support in that way.

To travel thus far just for a few days isn't so easy with kinds in the age of ours. Because of this reason we first go for some time to Hong Kong to Crossroads (terrible, what a sacrifice for David this is wink), serve there and then after three weeks go further for another week to Manila.

For our kids it is surely very good to see and experience, how blessed they are at home, by what wealth they are surrounded and how it also could be: That by far the majority of all kids in this world have so much less than they do! We consider this to be very important and are glad, that we can connect all this in that way.


Start of school and kindergarden

This past summer Nayara could start school - from her viewpoint FINALLY!!! wink She loves to go and its going well. She fits in very good: Regarding school material but also into the class.

Benaja in second grade is challenged... by not being challenged by what he has to learn. Together with the school we are looking to challenge and to foster him. Beside some additional tasks he will have to reach better quality in what he's doing. We think it is important for him to be motivated to be on school. with the way described before we hope to achieve that and that he also profits, even he is already very far with the school material of the curent grade.

Matthja is in kindergarden and after being sceptical firstly, he likes to go in the meantime. Beside other things, we see it from the fact, that on Friday evening, the 27th of December, he asked, if he could finally go back to the kindergarden the next day laughing


Holidays Corsica

Because there were no holidays organized by our church, we went this last fall on our own again to Corsica. We love the place and despite the long journey - about 15 hours per way from door to door - that are usually beautiful holidays.

Very nice was, that a family from our church, that are close friends of us with another one had the same idea. That meant, that even we were there as a familiy on our own, we had great times with the other two families too, which is great and from time to time a lot more fun.


Finish of the old and start of the new job

Changing job after more than eleven years is for David quite a big thing. And at the end staying focused during such a long time - end of march communication of the change to the old company and start at the new place beginning of November - without loosing the pace isn't easy all the time. It was good that during September and October (beside holidays) he could introduce the successor to the job. That motivated again for the finish. While he started then at the new place, he still went to Loosli during November/December for some afternoons to further train the new employee. Beside that he finished another project beside his regular job.

But now the era Loosli has ended definitely: Nice that could brought to an end good and peacefully: This is not naturally! God helped a lot towards this and we are very grateful for that!

The new start at Salvation Army went very well! David was welcomed friendly and with a lot of goodwill. The team is great and the job exciting and there is a lot of new stuff! He sees a lot, where he can bring himself into it: Some new projects, learn to do things differently than so far and anyway: For a good while he will feel very good. But the best thing of all this is, that it also works out very good for Ursula at home, even David is not around anymore over lunchtime.


Music of the Newsletter

As Ursula and Benaja were in an ADONIA-camp last summer, todays "Music of the Newsletter" is a song, that was sung last year in the summer-camps of ADONIA. It would be in Swiss German - but the original in high German is also pretty cool (sorry, no english version known): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64JRlr2ZmjU.


At the end some more pictures:

Barbecue at the "Guggli":

Together with the expanded family in the Sicky-Parc:

"Open day of the firefighters":

Burgdorfer Stadtlauf 2019:

From our garden:

Several further impressions:

"Fliegerchilbi" with Paul:

Skiing at the end of the year:


Love regards

All Widis: Ursula and David with Benaja Isaak, Nayara Joy and Matthja David