Hello Folks

Wow, the 10th newsletter: So cool! Unfortunately, we somehow did not manage to get it done earlier frown Sorry.
But now we're going full throttle with the latest information from the Wiedemann family: We hope you find the letter interesting and that the style suits you.
-> By the way, if you see yourself on a photo and it bothers you, please let us know and we will remove the photo(s)!

Since we don't want to write an huge letter despite the long period of time, here are just a few points that were important to us:


Just up to date: The children were last week in the ski school. This is always their Christmas present from the grandparents and the parents. In the Marbachegg one week in the sport vacations. We are already doing this for the third year and all three of them are already skiing quite well - yes, you can already go skiing as a whole family: WOW!
-> Matthja even won his skiing race!smile

Impressions Ski scool 2022

The scenery of the Marbach-Egg is just great!Benaja with his medalNayara fully ready for the skiing schoolAnd here he is: Our winner Matthja!


Washing machine broken - get new one

How so? Here's the whole story: January 2021, our washing machine stopped spinning and Ursula had the mechanic come. In the evening David wrote to Aunt Irene, how things are going - and also that the washing machine is probably broken. Then an e-mail came back almost immediately, we should NOT BUY A NEW ONE AT ALL - she had a brand new machine for some time unused in the basement! She bought and never used it (own story, but not quite as absurd as you might think at first glance).

The mechanic then actually determines that our current machine - also quite old - is broken and would cost a lot to repair. So we gratefully accepted Aunt Irene's offer: A really very good machine, with service contract and really great - God is looking so good to us :-)

The new loundry mashine in action! - Thank you aunt Irene!


Vacation/Project Asia

For well-known reasons, our project with Hong Kong and Manila did not (yet) take place. We still hope that we will somehow manage it: Preferably next fall, maybe just next spring (so 2023): we'll see. However, since our friends are coming back home in the summer of 2023, this idea is dead if it doesn't happen by next spring. At the moment it is not possible to realize the idea because of the strict entry requirements of Hong Kong.

Besides that, we were able to take one or the other short or longer vacation. Our vacations in the Netherlands last fall were really nice!

Holidays fall 2020: Beatus caves/"Vogellisi"-path Adelboden

At the beautiful lake ThunAt the Beatus cavesEntrance to the Beatus cavesExample of the marvelous underworldSometimes it can be very peacefulAt the Vogellisi-path

Late fall 2020: Schwarzsee & region of Gantrisch

The Schwarzsee at its most beautifulScenery from RiffenmattWritten on the bench: "The most beautiful thing, that exists, is thankfulness"GäggerstegThat's what we did!Like this...... then like this... Only two hours later

Holidays fall 2021: Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands

Off we go - fully packed!What a beach!in front of our bungalowEven on tour with the bike - works fine, if everything is flat :-)Hoek van Holland: Here comes the river Rhine into the sea - all the water at home passes this point!Erasmus-bridge in RotterdamVery nice sightseeing tour - the big boats are impressive!Typical Netherlands: the windmillsAmsterdamThe botanical garden can be recommended!Another picture before going back home


ADONIA camps

Again Ursula will be cooking for an ADONIUA camp, this year already in two camps: In spring - with Nayara - with the teens, in the summer even as the main responsible again in a children's camp.

In the meantime, our children are totally enthusiastic about the ADONIA camps! They are already practicing the CD for the summer up and down and almost know it by heart!


Broken arms

No, it's not one person who broke both arms, but Matthja and Nayara both broke their arms: Matthja in August 2020 because he fell from a tree - both forearm bones near the wrist - Nayara while tripping over a string in the tent camp last July: fortunately just the radius.

We are happy and thankful that both arms are fully healed again and the children do not take any restrictions!


House expansion

This spring we have to renew the financing of our house for the first time. In addition to sensational conditions, thanks to the pension fund we can not only pay back a lot, but also invest another considerable sum.

Now we can have our dressing room done (then we can finally close the two doors between bedroom and bathroom), replace the annoying curtain in the children's shower with a partition, buy fly screens for some windows, add a battery to the solar system and around the house a few things are also possible: Among other things, we have to redo the entrance area because the floor is sinking there!

All things we would have liked to do for a long time, but were not possible during construction. We decided that after that we consider the house finished (even though experienced homeowners have already told us that a house is never finished ;-) ).



Our big car has unfortunately reached the end of its life, but we can't afford the new one yet (the house thing just works differently). Now we just hope that we can drive our beloved Ford Mondeo some more in its 15th year - the 11th with us - before we probably have to make do it with a small car again for a while... Currently we start to hear a wheel bearing and the notice from the MFK can arrive any day: Then the car is unfortunately history. But now let's see how long we can delay that. :-)



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Music of the Newsletter

Now that a bit of normality is slowly coming back into our lives with regard to Corona, let's remember how it used to be and how it could be again. Moreover, in the current time, we should again think of a special kingdom where peace reigns and all tears, sorrow and death no longer exist:
Rend Collective with "Build your Kingdom here": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s43Adg5WcqM&t=89s


At the end some additional pictures:

Boat trip without kids cool

 Lucern at its best!Pilatus in early summer: far down with snowOur boat today: Diamant

Trip with a stream railroad

 Our locomotivePassing by the countrysideHere the street is the most modern thing on the picture :-)

We visit the "Lobhornhütte"

 These mountains far away we visit nowRide upBreak on the wayOur destination: Lobhornhütte in front of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau

Children birthdays 2021:

Benajas wish: barbecue outside - it was awesome!Matthja is happy (and the sister on the roots of papa ;-) )That's how happiness look like!

Also the parents CAN something:

Cuboro-track - Dad still can something too!Also here is papa still ahead (the kids WOULD have a chance - once they would start practice... ;-) )With that you are looking forward to the Advent season!

Culinariy high-flyers:

Birthday meal for David: Chinese Sweet and Sour ...... and the corresponding Schwarzwälder torteOutside birthday season we also have great times :-)


This and that through the year:

That's how it can snow at our placeFirst skiing experiencesYou MUST have to do something...When it's getting night...Spring is arriving, the kids start climbing!This punpkin plant seems to feel greatTime with papaHard work :-DOn our way on the yellow Helsana trail! ! ! COMPETITION ! ! ! WHOEVER MARKS OUR HOUSE 50 PIXEL CLOSE - JUST QUITE CLOSE - WILL GET A PRIZE (Something real, not just an email or something!)After the hikeWorkout in the gardenGifted with decoration skills - our daughterHE knows his papa - and that one loved the Advent calender very much!Christmas present at the feetReady for New Years eve



Love regards

All Widis: Ursula and David with Benaja Isaak, Nayara Joy and Matthja David