After quite some time and a lot that happened, another newsletter from the Widis in Wyssachen is approaching. A lot has been happening, that's why it is a bit longer than usual...


Start of school

Benaja has successfully started school. After some questions, whether or not Nayara should already start school too, she is attending kindergarden again and is happy. It's going well and we are glad for this: Even though you never know, how another desicion would have worked out, it pretty much looks like, the chosen one is not bad for sure! Matthja is happy in the playgroup: It is already the last year of playgroup, a member of our family in this generation is attending :-)

For Benaja we started an assessment regarding his capabilities: School is ok for him, but a lot is rather boring at the same time (beside read and write, also in mathematics he is a bit ahead of what is usual): He is good on his way - a bit above average for his age - on the other side, he is rather challenged with concentration and stick on something. The threshold between "very easy" and "very difficult" is quite small - fighting something out is not a strength of him yet :-) With his behavior he additionally disturbs some lections. We want to check now together with the school, how we can encourage him more: intellectually and non-intellectually.


Hiking retreat David

In August, David was given free to have a time of a retreat where he was hiking from Wyssachen via Huttwil, Hüswil, Luthern-Bad, Bramboden to Wolhusen. Conclusion: 2 nights and 2 days, hiking (abt 52 km), sweating, enjoy views, smallpox at the feet - but after that time happily back united with the family!
It was just precious to have some time to flee the hectic of daily life! The hikes were intense - mainly because completely untrained - and the sleeping time below open sky were wonderfull!


Health mother of Ursula

Since a year, Ruth, the mother of Ursula, sometimes felt kind of a narrowing when breathing. After the diagnosis of a stenosis of the coronary artery in August, she needed a bypass operation quickly. That was a bit surprising and suddenly the whole family Hess had to improvise with a babysitter less and without the wife - after the successful surgery, Ruth had to be careful with getting "back to business" with going easy for several months. But thanks God, everything went well and Ruth is fine again!


Marriage weekend

For the 10 year anniversary of our marriage, David organized a weekend just for Ursula and himself. That was wonderful and quiet: A bit far in regard of traweling, but very relaxing and comfortable!


Garden blessings

Ursula used to say: "Me and a garden? NEVER!!!" - well, with all that vegetable and many fruit from our garden, she found quite some joy with it: Ok, it is not sooo big - but with what we have it's just fun and we really profit from it (Potatoes, onions, vegetables: Still from the garden instead of the Migros!)!


Town run Burgdorf

After the experiment from Nayara in 2017 and her statement afterwards "never again", this year all kids wanted to participate the town run Burgdorf. Within the last minutes, Matthja backpedaled on it, but Nayaras and Benaja finished their run: Nayara was 50th in her category, Benaja 15th. We were (and are) soooo proud of them!



This fall we also joined our church, the Salvation Army, for their holidays. This time we were again in the Toscana (Italy). The holidays began with the wedding of Davids sister: Susanna. Very unusual, if suddenly a Miss Fischer calls by phone... ;-) Directly after the wedding we drove to Italy (like the other years through the night)!
The experience of these holidays were somewhat ambivalent: As a family we did not really get to peace. We still have no idea about the reason: Somehow it was very agitated, the kids very challenging and it was difficult. One day we even were considering, going home right away, asking us, what it would mean to just pack up and leave. We didn't do it, but these holidays were defintely different than those in the last years.

We even though will do holidays again together: We are living on our way together, and sometimes it is easier, sometimes not. At the same time the holidays were also good and relaxing...

When we were back home, all were sick one after the other: After 4 exhausting, almost sleepless nights in a row, we as a parents were really tired


Health mother of David

The mother of David is terminally ill. In fall last year, she even got sick by a heavy infection, that lead to a longer stay in the hospital without being able to speak - some time even at intensive care - and since about two months she is now in a nursing home.
In the beginning this situaiton was very challenging, as a so far not known responsibility came onto the relatives: Take life affecting decisions for a human being, who herself is not able to communicate! You want to decide according the will of that person and this is more important than what you feel yourselve! Ursula and I realized, how important it is to share with each other about wishes and thoughts in that area - before such a situation arises!


Project WEF in Davos

After a long time, David was once again working alongside Crossroads at a WEF. He enjoyed the time with his friends from Hong Kong and around the world - the distance to meet them otherwise is quite far ;-). They were there once again with the refugee-simulation and about 400 participants from WEF were willing to take the 1 1/2 hour opportunity to step into the shoes of a refugee: This is great and you then know, why you take an intense and exhausting week on you! His work was more of an organizational one: Sometimes its simply easier to communicate in Swiss German :-) He could help in several situations, so the rest of the crew could focus on the real task, to invest themselves into the simulation.

Impressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1Z0jWMhTdQ (english), https://diepresse.com/home/karriere/karrierenews/5568238/Live-aus-Davos_Ich-wuensche-mir-den-Krieg-zurueck-Denn-da (german), statements of participants: http://refugee-run.org/feedback (english)

Even though it was David being in person at the WEF in Davos, it really was a family project, as Ursula managed the family at home! It went well for her and she realized, that God is faithfull, if you really depend on Him: Health of all was good, kids cooperated most of the time - and where it really got difficult, there were always people helping out!
-> It cannot be said enough: Without the willingness of Ursula, David could not have gone and help a bit, creating awareness of the need in this world to managers and policy-makers! Many thanks!


That's it for this time: Following again some pictures - pictures simply say more than a thousand words.


Love regards

All Widis: Ursula and David with Benaja Isaak, Nayara Joy and Matthja David