Hello Folks

Again a year has passed and again I didn't manage to realize my intention: to send out a newsletter a bit more often - however: I still have at least one area where I can improve ;-)



The battery for the photovoltaic installation didn't come yet - delivery delay, like in the whole industry - but otherwise we could realize a lot: New dressing room, surrounding area adapted, bathrooms extended and a weather protection installed at the entrance.

Interesting in this context: The one towel oven was installed in such a way that the hole for the suspension exactly met the sewage pipe (as measured): This has now been fixed and our holes from the previously installed rods have thus unexpectedly been neatly plastered with a new wall surface wink - everyone is just happy, we discovered this before we have a soaked wall or something alike...

A few pictures of our house - not all are newly purchased:



Mentioned in the last newsletter, shortly after that it happened: Our Ford Mondeo - THE car our kids have known: After all, we had it for over 10 years - had to leave us cry

After a repair of the wheel bearing and shortly after that a loss of the exhaust: That's when it was finally right and we decided to part with the Mondeo: with a heavy heart and much nostalgia - and half a year earlier than we would have wished.

Thanks to a good friend who helped us with a loan, we were already able to buy another car: This time a 7-seater, a Ford S-Max! It serves us well and we are happy about it.



Our children are fully in the camp age: In summer first the Panther camp of the Salvation Army, a little later again the ADONIA Junior camp: Benaja was a great Pharaoh, Nayara rapped the hall and Matthja helped with the dancing!

Additionally, Ursula cooked again for the camp - alongside a great kitchen team!

Nayaras Rap:



After the very nice vacations in the Netherlands in 2021 and with some ideas what we still could see, we decided to go to Holland again: After that probably not so soon again, because we are rather south-holiday-lovers. But it was again a very nice vacation: We have seen and marveled a lot, also learned to admire the Dutch a bit! As a family we had just a great time together - really nice vacations!

After the arrival

Trip to the Delta Works (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_Works)

Momente ohne Spezial-Programm

Trip and tour in the harbour of Rotterdam

Trip to Zaanse Schan - the Dutch "Ballenberg" wink ("Ballenberg" is a Swiss open air museeum with historical houses)




New fields of activity

With family, job, children in school and everything else, it's not like we get bored. Nevertheless, we parents both have additional fields of activity, where we are involved since last year:

  • Ursula:
    When the last restaurant in the village of Wyssachen itself closed down, the desire arose to newly create a place, where meetings over a good coffee, tea or something alike would be possible. An association was founded and in the location of the former Tea Room "Bänkli" a get-together place was realized. Since the end of last October the "Träffpunkt Bänkli" is open from Monday to Friday morning.
    If you now pass by there on Friday morning, you will mostly find Ursula engaged there.
  • David:
    Collaboration, using synergies, helping and supporting each other: Long before "networking" was a buzzword, David thought this was a good thing! So it's fitting that he has now been on the board of the "Allianz Region Huttwil" since last March.
    The association is a section of the "Swiss Evangelical Alliance", which - to put it casually - aims at networking the different churches. Cultivating relationships across church boundaries and tackling things together that may sometimes be bigger than one church could manage alone - or not everyone has to offer everything: why not use an offer from another church? These are all reasons why David is involved.


Vacation/Project Asia

Finally the measures for entering Hong Kong are a bit more normal again and so we started to look at the project once more. After we decided as a family that we had understood God in such a way that we should approach this again, we have initiated everything necessary.

Unfortunately, the Philippines is no longer happening and so this spring we are simply going to Hong Kong for three weeks. What will we do there? Not everything is planned in detail yet. But the goals are pretty clear:

  • Experience something together as a family
  • Cultivating relationships with Crossroads
  • Satisfy David's longing for Hong Kong and show the kids the city and Crossroads
  • Challenge the kids a bit with a different environment
  • To look at how good we have it - resp. how others do NOT have it good

We can discuss about the order - but on March 27th we will start wink


Music of the Newsletter

We would like to mention three factors for the music of the newsletter this time: The many pictures and insights of Hong Kong in the video sequences, the international representation in the music - how many languages are used? We didn't count - according to the picture also regarding the alliance. Finally the proclamation "How great is our God", in spite of all the current events nowadays: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg5qDljEw7Q


As always at this place some additional pictures:

Ursula became 40! Of course that has been celebrated laughing

Time out for the parents - again camping at the Aegerisee (Lake of Aegeri):

A few more impressions:


Love regards

All Widis: Ursula and David with Benaja Isaak, Nayara Joy and Matthja David