As I am fully in the process of creating this website, I must also test a bit. Therefore I create this article, so I can test the functionality of the blog.

Our family-newsletter, which at the moment comes as a simple text-email, should from now on be an article of this blog... But that I still have to build - luckily there is Joomla, which is easier to manage with every version...


Again I try to rebuild my old website from the year 2004.

Kindly I am allowed to do this at a workshop with Pasci - we are the three of us: Frankie, Pascal and myself - everyone of us works on his own website, besides that we help each other with upcoming questions (well, honestly we have to admit, it is mainly Pascal helping Frankie and myself - the other way round is VERY seldom wink).

Thank you very much, Pasci!